Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bed Time

The now upright Christmas tree required us to relocate Holli's dog bed for the season. This didn't cause Holli much of a problem, as the primary occupant of the dog bed has always been Tigger. We moved the dog bed up to our room. Holli has also been banished from sleeping on our bed as the primary non-human inhabitant of that bed is also Tigger. Up until now, Holli has slept on the floor beside us but with her head so far under the bed you could barely see half of her. She'd go from one side to the other all night long, harrumphing as she plopped down. I put the bed down in an empty corner where Jon said it "looked too cold". I'm a mom. I know how to take care of my children. So I quickly remedied the situation with a few of her favorite things. This is where she was at 9:00 this morning when I was ready to go for the day.
I'm working on teaching her to leave her blankie on the bed for the day when she leaves - but she loves it so much now.
What - you all don't make your dog's beds every morning?