Thursday, December 20, 2007

In More New Kitty News

In an effort to get to know one another better, Sammy and I tried to spend as much time as possible together yesterday but it was very difficult. Most of the time was spent chasing Holli who kept chasing Sammy who kept running under our bed. Many times Sammy had to be extricated from inside the box spring - tricky indeed. Holli's manners need to be addressed and putting on her choke collar and leash may help today. At least I can grab the leash when she starts to run for the kitty. What I did learn is that, Sammy LOVES the computer. Particularly, the cursor!
She thinks the kitchen sink is tons of fun, until the water comes on. This may cause a problem for Tigger as this is where he drinks his water in the morning.
Sammy takes her own sweet time eating her breakfast and dinner. She is not a snarfer like the other animals around her, but rather, she prefers to savor her meal. Her 1/4 cup of kibble can take 20 minute to consume. And yes, for right now, she gets to eat on the counter because everyone else seems very interested in her "special" ("smells different from the crap we get") food.
She chews yarn when you're not watching.