Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Places We Went

Copying (flattering?) Vicki, this is a review in words of the blog-life this past year. The best thing I did this year was to make a commitment to blogging everyday in May. While I may not have always been able to keep to that schedule since May, I have been a much better blogger because of developing that habit. Plus - well, you guys. What can I say?

January: It's not the 0s, its the 9s. "Sunday was my birthday, my 49th birthday."

February: Blame it on the .... "It's really hard to say how it happens."

March: (oops - I must have taken this month off!)

April: OK - Break Over "Here's a tip for bloggers: If you take a really long break from blogging, you'll have a lot to say when you come back."

May: The Tuesday Group "For nearly two years we have met every Tuesday at 9:00 am at 318 Cafe."

June: Winding Down "I have a whole lot of nothing today - but I guess I can manage to wind it together in to a coherent post."

July: Taking a Break "I'm taking a break today thanks to a killer migraine but wanted to share the following to prove that Kathryn survived camp. . . . ."

August: What a Heel "I can be very stubborn at times."

September: 5th Grade "Here is a normal, average 5th grade girl off to her first day of school."

October: Faithful - Part I "People sometimes talk about being "faithful" to a craft."

November: Boo Hoo Hoo! "Based on the Halloween costumes I saw out and about yesterday, not every 11 year-old girl showed (or was shown!) proper restraint in the costume department."

December: Guilty "This weekend was spent preparing the house for Christmas."

Favorite photos (which do not require the memory stick in the camera) tomorrow!