Monday, October 01, 2007

Faithful - Part I

People sometimes talk about being "faithful" to a craft. Whether it's quilting or sewing, knitting or crocheting, they want to remain "true" or "loyal" to that one particular craft. They hold their particular craft with such a passion that moving on to a different, but related craft, can be referred to as being unfaithful or "crossing over to the dark side". Most of us are multi-crafted I know....

... But welcome my friends, to my dark side.
Alerted yesterday by Chris that the old Harrisville potholder loom could be used for weaving with yarn, I dug it out of Kathryn's toy box and began practicing with it. It's very simple and produces a great six inch square. A video tutorial which will show you everything you need to know to get weaving can be found here. Go get yours - you know you have one!!

The 2x2 Weavette, picked up at Needlework Unlimited, has been busy cranking out little squares in all sorts of color combinations. I was inspired by Karrie during her "Week of Weaving series. Who knew? Who knew how hard it would be to find these little looms?? The 4x4 looms are pretty much only available on ebay - and even then, they are vintage. I bid on 7 before finally winning one. I can't even tell you what I paid because I'm rather embarrassed. I'll need the 4 inch square loom for the Weave-a-Long I joined over here.

For me, this is still "faithful". It's faithful to a creative process, to my love of all things fiber, to hand-work, to a time and space that is quiet and meditative, to an art form which is centuries old. Now tomorrow, something maybe not so "faithful".