Monday, October 15, 2007

Size Matters

And it matters most in this house in the size of our electronics. Take the two newest additions to the TV count. For those of you keeping score from last year's Star Tribune article on the number of television sets in our home - this is only a net gain of one - well, it will be when we get rid of the one that is being "donated" to accommodate one of the new ones.

Mr. treated himself to a new 46", LCD, HDTV. He watches the least amount of TV of anyone in the house but when he does watch it, he wants the full experience of it. Which is why we also have the 96" projection TV theatre room downstairs. But that's a different experience. You can have popcorn and candy and kids and really loud noises down there. I treated myself to a TV in my studio/office/craft/junk room. I probably watch the most TV of anyone in the house in that it is on during the day as background noise. Sometimes reruns, sometimes news, sometimes music - you get it.
15" of HDTV companionship, mounted up high so I won't knock it over or lose it like I do its remote about 10 times a day!

And of course every one's a winner when you buy a really big electronic toy. This was an entire evening's worth of fun for these two! Gotta run - I think there might be an "ER" rerun starting soon......