Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Nile

Maybe this idea I had of knitting socks for Kathryn would have been easier if I had just taken stock of a few facts before hand. She IS NOT a baby. In fact, she turns 11 on Sunday. She no longer has the tiny feet I remember her having - like - yesterday. Proof: My favorite commercial sock on top, hers is below it.
My new shoes on top, Kathryn's below. I wear a size 6 adult, she wears a size 3 youth. Hers is the same size as mine. Why am I paying more money in the adult section to get the same shoe that they have over in the youth section?
I am now just knitting her a pair of socks sized for me on smaller needles. I can't even show you the thing that I tried to get her to try on as sock #1 when we thought it was finished. Despite the super loose bind off, she couldn't get it past her toes. Good thing she has a sense of humor. But as for me - I'm locking up my shoes!