Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Comfort Socks

We need some comfort here. Not just because of the dreary skies and rain either. Kathryn has been struggling with this new world called 5th grade. This has been a painful few months for all of us. She is a bright ans talented young lady and her struggles are not academic or even social in nature. Rather, she is at that point where "fairness", workload, structure and order (or lack thereof) all factor in to her in day. She has a teacher whose "teaching style" just doesn't mesh with Kathryn's learning style. In short, welcome to "Kathryn Meets the Real World - Volume 1".

She has asked for a pair of socks. Keep in mind, this is a child who has shunned all things knitted thus far. She needs these socks soon. As KmKat was oh-so quick to point out, her favorite pair of store bought socks, recently seen here have an enormous hole in the heel. I threw them out. I was bad. Artyarns Supermerino should knit up very quickly. We decided to call this colorway (#127) Apples because it reminded us of the apples we had in the house yesterday - Granny Smiths, Harralsons, and Honeycrisps.
I had been secretly knitting her a pair of socks before all this came about. When I pulled them out to continue them - a disaster had befallen them. There was a tiny hole somewhere up near the toe, rendering them impossible to continue life as they were. The last time I had worked on these socks was .....
...over here. Sorry Mayhem - I'm not buying that "Oh, I'm just sitting here not doing anything" look. I took my eyes off you for a second and left my bag unprotected. I know - it's my fault.