Thursday, October 04, 2007


Quick post before I sign off for the week. This weekend is Oktoberfest at the school and church. Once again, I'm in charge of the Kid's Carnival. After four year's of carnival duty, I've gotten pretty good at this. In my car right now is $800.00 worth of Costco candy. Figure it out - that's basically filling up the back seat and the trunk of my car! I didn't snap a picture because frankly, every time I go out there I gag from the smell!

Then there's the giant box from Oriental Trading Company. $400.00 worth of trinkets and trash. Parents have asked that there not be any whistles. I always happily oblige! I am also a parent. Usually alone in the tent ... with their children ... on a sugar high. Not in the far away beer tent where they are ... having fun. I doubt they'd even hear the whistles.

By Sunday it will all be over and the money will be raised and all will be happy and life will go back to normal. But for today, it's off to my class, then pick up Mom & Dad to take them to the airport for their trip to Europe, then on the the hospital to visit with Chris, then home to see my husband whom I got to spend a few minutes with last night when he returned from ..... somewhere.

But look what I get to carry around today. Dogs, cats and yarn...three of my favorite things. Have a wonderful weekend. Wish me luck with all the kids. I'll see you there Connie!!