Monday, December 17, 2007


I've been seeing so many beautiful mittens while browsing around, I thought I should finally try a pair. My first choice was Kate Gilbert's "Bird in the Hand". I made a huge mistake in my haste to get started and began these mittens in Malabrigo worsted. I knew this would be wrong, knew it would be really wrong. No stitch definition at all - but oh soooo soft!

Moved on to some Cascade 200 and down a needle size. Nice stitch definition, but somehow, the mittens got bigger and because the 220 was recycled from a different project, it was bugging me.So that leaves me with the Anemoi Mittens in un-recycled Opal on wooden double points (as suggested). I pretty much love everything about these mittens so far.
Now I just have to go back and read what everyone else used for their Bird in the Hand mittens. They are so clever and I really want to get back to them. That little bird on the thumb is just waiting for me!

The camera is home from Berlin!