Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Studio Time

First it was Michelle's lovely new craft room. Now it's Carole's studio- complete with a "fireplace". No matter what we call them, our "rooms" are our sanctuaries and how we decorate, use, or spend time in them is as unique as we are. My studio (NEVER referred to as my office as that implies work!) is in the basement, just off the theatre room. It's large and bright despite not having windows. Someday it will have cabinets and shelves and bookcases all built-in. Someday it will have a large rolling work surface. Someday it will have a big over-stuffed chair and footstool and a good light over the left shoulder.
But for right now, my studio is Santa's workshop and I'm forced to share my space with the jolly old elf and his little elves. They are messy and take up a lot of space. Thankfully- the reindeer are not here yet. Here's to "someday".