Monday, November 05, 2007


It's more of a reminder to me than a command to you guys. Jon left for Florida yesterday for the week, Kathryn's 5th grade woe's, while settling down on one hand, are escalating to a level that is way out of control on the other hand (mean girls suck!!). While at her 11 year-old check up the other day, she described the headaches she has been getting and as luck would have it in addition to passing along the gene for good hair, I've also passed along the propensity toward migraine headaches. Since she is not wallowing in self pity, I figure I have no right to either. So I try to remember the things I have around me that make me smile.
The bubble bowl that always seems to be filled with seasonal M&Ms. Oops - we ate all the Halloween ones and had to fill with regular ones until the Christmas ones are out - which is probably now.

The sun rising over the lake on a cool, crisp morning with a dog standing by your side with a leash in her mouth. Clearly she has a different plan for this morning.

Kathryn's playhouse. 12 x 12, 2 story, with heat, satellite, cable, Internet, intercom, phone, electricity. If it only had running water........

Kathryn's bed. Sometimes after I've dropped her off at school at the unthinkable hour of 7:30, I come home and climb into her bed for a while where it's still warm and smells like her. And then I think I'll remember to tell her that it's time to start taking daily showers.

A mute orange cat. Orange kitties talk. This one talks A LOT! The porch is Tigger's office. When the weather turns cold I have to keep the door closed and I often forget he's out there. Funny, I can't hear him when he wants to come in either. Must be because the window is closed too!!These simple things make me happy and keep me smiling. Knowing that all this will pass or is manageable, keeps me sane!