Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Knitting Group Surprise

Summers for our Tuesday morning knitting group are usually a bit of a "any one's guess" as to who will be there. We all try very hard to keep the others posted as to our schedules and when we'll be there and when we won't. But it's summer and things come up all of a sudden. Someone usually knows where someone else is ... "Brenda's still in Colorado with the boys" or "Remember, Cindy's at the cabin for two weeks".

We often get visitors in the summer too. Kathryn has been know to join us for the morning. Mostly for the pecan coffee cake - but who knows, now with the interest in knitting?? Cindy's daughter Alex usually joins us when Cindy is with us on Tuesday's.

But nothing could have been more wonderful or more of a surprise than yesterday's visitor.

Lou's journey began well over a year ago with two wonderful would-be adoptive parents, S&J. He grew in their hearts and minds long before he was born in Guatemala. He was a challenge for them every step of the way with his paperwork and forms, his government and bureaucracy, his distance from them physically. That part of his journey is over now as he arrived in the United States last week with his parents. He has a much longer journey now, one that will be filled with all the love that S&J can give him. And those of us who support them, will be there there every step of the way. There will be stumbles and wondrous achievements and we will cry and celebrate them all with you guys. We love you.

Bravo, Lou! Bienvenido a los Estados Unidos!