Monday, July 16, 2007

A Miss-T-ery

I could Tell you whaT I did yesTerday, buT iT is a biT of a mysTery. The kind where, if I Told you, I'd have To kill you. I mean, we were righT nexT To a miliTary insTallaTion of some kind. We gaThered aT a very mysTerious house. There was a sumpTuous and feasT prepared by our hosTess and her very cabaple assisTanT who goes by the mysTerious moniker of The M.E.
Our hosTess blushed profusely as we gushed over The food and I ThoughT I had snapped a phoTo of her - buT alas, she was jusT Too quick. And no, I don'T Think she is flipping me off in This picTure, alThough I was a bit sassy!!

There was a lovely afTernoon of kniTTing wiTh friends - Connie and Amy.
And Chris, who by The looks of iT is never going To give away The secreT of where we were for The day - and she rode wiTh me Too. I had to knock her ouT for The drive so she wouldn'T remember where we had been. I learned sTuff like ThaT from waTching "24".

Ahhh, the obligatory gifT picture. Surely she'll show her face for This. No luck.

So, where in The world did Deb spend a wonderful afTernoon of food, friends and fun yesTerday? There was absoluTley no horror in my day!! Thank you so much MysTery Person!!