Monday, July 30, 2007


Things are pretty much ready for the arrival of the first guests - my sister, Diane, and her two girls from San Diego on Wednesday night. Mom's cousin and her husband arrive from New Jersey on Thursday, and Diane's husband arrives Saturday morning. A Costco run and a final cleaning and really, everything that can be done will have been done. Twice in some cases.

So with the bit of spare time left I managed to sneak in a bit of no brains knitting. My virgin pair of Sock That Rock socks. If I could find the ball band, I'd tell you what the color is, but ... Problem is, I'm at the heel and that requires thinking which is not really my strength right now. The sock is being displayed on one of two new rugs for the living and dining rooms. TJ Maxx - $149.99 each for 5 x 9 rugs. You gotta love a good deal. In an effort to distract you from the fact that there is really nothing of interest here today prove that I have done other things beside "becky home-eky" projects around here, a non-rotated picture of yarn dyed during the recent adventures with Chris and Jeanne:
And some stealth dyeing (dyeing without your friends) experiments:

I liked the pictures so much I put these pictures and some others into two three-set picture frames and hung them in the new guest room. It was the perfect touch for that room.

That's all for now - we'll see how the week shakes out.