Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Light Knitting

I've always hoped that Kathryn would take an interest in knitting. I've never pushed it or signed her up for classes without her asking. When she's asked questions about my knitting, I've shown her my work, talked about what I'm doing but left it when she stopped asking questions. I taught her to knit about 5 years ago but it was abandoned after the first garter stitch scarf that grew by a stitch every row.

Her new inspiration came from the something I would consider to be such a knitting joke - but , hey, I'm going with it. In the goody bag from the Twin's game on Sunday were a pair of "Knit Lite" needles. When Kathryn saw those she fell in love with them. That night after dinner we sat down together and we started at the beginning. I cast on two long-tail cast on stitches and she was off. It was beautiful watching the way her hands twisted the yarn and the stitches, they way she manipulated the yarn in her right hand as she knit , they way her pointer finger moves the yarn around the right hand needle. It's like watching - me.
She's planning to make a felted potholder on to which she'd like to needle felt some designs. Yup, we can do that. And then if you'd like to move on to socks, we're plenty ready for that too. Easy, Mom. This is baby steps for you.