Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Did you miss me??

Sorry for being gone. The unexplained absence is due to the migraines and a few trips to the ER and such but I'm not going into all of that here. I really just wanted to check in and say I'm here and OK. And to show you something really cool. Somewhere along the way some magic happened in my house and I'm thrilled. We've lived in our home for 11 years and I decided recently that some rooms needed sprucing up and some just needed to be - finished. The secret project (which I guess was not a very big secret) was painting. Our bedroom, which used to look like this .....

..... now looks like this.

And the master bath which used to be a washed-out dull blue, looks like this,

... and this.

And the guest room which used to be primer white and had an old greenish comforter set on it now looks like this...

...and this.

The best thing - I did it all myself. All the taping, painting, cleanup - everything. Picked out the colors, bought all the new stuff, put all the little electrical covers back on. I'm still working on cleaning up the spilled spots on the carpet! What can I say - I had headaches and they gave me some good drugs - I thought I was just seeing spots.