Thursday, July 12, 2007


Just a few public service announcements today as I have a rare block of dedicated time to do some dyeing today.

First: Carri was kind enough to invite me to join girls and customers from the shop to Stitch 'n Pitch with the Minnesota Twins. She's rented a school bus that leaves her shop at 11:30. There's still room on the bus! I smell designated driver!!You can read more about it here. I guess you can also read about the upcoming Crazy Days sale and the ever popular Girl's Night Out in Excelsior as well. Back to Stitch 'N Pitch though -who else around here is going? Amy? Connie? Renee? Knit-Whit? Miss T? Guinifer? (are you even a real person?) Dare I even ask the Usual Suspects? How can I find you? How will I know you? For others out and about beyond Minnesota - are you going to yours?

Second: If you haven't already caught this show on USA Network (Thursday; (9:00 PM CDT) you have missed some seriously clever and funny TV. Not to mention, eye candy of the utmost supreme nature.

I'm just sayin . . . it's only 6 hours until 9:00 pm.