Thursday, July 26, 2007

Let the DysFUNction Begin

Things at the house have reached the final hours before the "big event" and we are cramming to get every thing painted, nailed, washed, and just so. You didn't really think I had a burst of energy to just fix things up "just cuz" did you? Some people know about the "big event" and have been fortunate enough to listen to me speak in glowing terms bitch about this event for quite some time. For those of you in the dark, here's the scoop:

In less than a week, relatives and friends from both coasts arrive for the big celebration - my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. Of course, their actual anniversary was May 25th but they didn't want to have my sister and her family, who usually travel to Minnesota at the end of the summer, have to come here twice. Yea - better to have them come in August when it's like Africa. And that, my dear friends, is really just the beginning of all the BS surrounding this fun-filled-family weekend. There will be a boat outing, a birthday / non-birthday party for the two grandchildren and the husband /wife team who will all have a birthdays during this time. That event is at my house. I have absolutely no control over this event except for such mundane things as menu and use of plastic utensils.

All five of my siblings and their spouses, or fiance in one case, will be in town. All nine grandchildren will make a command appearance. Some of my dad's brothers and sisters are traveling in for the event. My mom's cousin and her husband will be coming in. They are staying with me in the recently re-done "blue" guest room. Of course, my sister Diane and her family from San Diego have dibs on the guest suite in the lower level. So we're up to six guests. That ups the humans normally in this house by 200%.

I tell you all this to explain that blogging may be a bit sporadic over the next two weeks. But oh, when I return to full time, oh the stories I'll have! Just getting the six kids together - Deb, Diane, Daniel, David, Donna & Dennis - well, that's a story right there!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad - way back in May and in August too!