Friday, July 20, 2007

Open Letter to Guests

Dear Potential Visitors to my Home,

Let's just say you're planning to come to my home this weekend. And let's further say you've been here before and seen it in a pretty much "tidy" state. There a couple of things I need to tell you about prior to your arrival so that you don't, um, completely freak and drive away thinking I've turned into what we have discussed is a potential for each of us - a crazy garbage house cat lady.

First off, although it's rare, some people do actually have two gigantic tables and a couch in their kitchen. I'm thinking that in places like Kentucky or Tennessee they might do this because they don't have rooms for their formal furniture, so the kitchen has to suffice.
Three hutches in an entryway - why that just says - "Hey, look at all our crap!" to everybody right away when they come in rather than having to drag them from room to room to show them all your collectible things. I mean - right?Here I'm thinking that if twelve people come by and want to watch me wind yarn, well I'm all set. Or, we can play "bus driver" in here too - whatever you guys want. Don't let the fact that you can't get into this room limit your imagination.
Oh, and it's going to be REALLY noisy here too. The new hardwood floors are going in the living room and dining room this weekend. Can't wait to see you - but maybe we should just hang out on the porch. There's nothing being stored out there - yet!