Wednesday, July 18, 2007

15 Minutes of Fame

... is probably not enough for me. Oh sure, I won't stand in line for a wizard book or movie. But get a camera and the potential for a live audience, albeit a sound asleep one, and I'm your girl. Up at 3:00 AM. Showered, dressed - WITH mascara I might add, a quick little snack to keep my stomach from grumbling and I was off. I packed a friend to take with me. Look who made her debut appearance Vicki? It's Larger Than Life finally!

The shot was held at Needlework Unlimited and was done to promote this weekend's Stitch 'n Pitch at the Twins game.Tina, from Amazing Threads was there. Their shop is working on Homer Hankies in red, white and blue striped yarn for the event. Really cute.Marge from Sheepy Yarn Shoppe and Laura from Three Kittens admiring a Colinette sweater / shawl or "swawl" as we called it.P.R. woman from the Twins and "talent". So, all we had to do was sit and knit while the "talent " talked about the event with the PR woman. Just sit and knit. No chance for witty banter and snappy one-liners. No opportunity to let the real me show through to the millions of people sitting at home with their morning coffee. People might think it was because I was competing for time with ..

.. Steven - "The Glitter Knitter" from the Yarn Garage but that wouldn't be true. Did I tell you someone brought their kids? It's so not fair. I'd have had them eating out of my hands but here's some kid knitting a hedgehog right in the from row. She got the interview. You couldn't even hear her. I ripped out a few of her stitches when she wasn't looking.

That's me in the green tank. Doesn't my make-up look good!