Friday, July 13, 2007

Golden Days

This past week has been some of the best weather Minnesota has to offer. Holli and I connected up with our pals for some good long walks early in the morning.
We have to wait at the end of the drive way for the "safe" word meaning it's OK to cross the scary electric fence (the collar for which hasn't worked in three years - dogs!!).
A quick stop at the otter pond to see if anyone is frolicking here this morning. "Mom, we should remember to tell Chris about the snowy egret that lives here too OK?"
The little produce stand getting ready to open for the day. "Hey Mrs. Kerber!" "Growl." Ah, customer service at its finest.
Look who's coming! Could it be? Yes, I think it is! Maybe.......
It's ANNIE! Holli's very best dog friend in the whole wide world. She's exactly the same age as Holli but Annie has a much calmer demeanor. I continue to hope her maturity will grow on Holli.

They walk side by side.

And stop at all crosswalks.

When it's time to say good bye to Annie we head home and then it's off-leash time. Holli is actually much better off-leash than on-leash. She stays closer to me and pays much more attention to me. I think it's because she's such a nervous girl and she doesn't like the insecurity of being off-leash.

This is our road and how we know we're home. Hmmm - which came first, the dog's name or our or the road? Clue - our then 4-year old daughter named the dog. Always makes me glad we didn't live on 157th South Curve Northwest.

"OK girl - go home!" Confession - I love dog butt pictures!
"And just where have you two been - do you have any idea what has been going on here while you've been out - gallivanting - around! Who do you suppose got Kathryn up and ready for dance camp?"
And our usual warm greeting when we return. Have a great weekend. I'm probably going to need a nap today. That little walk took 2 hours!