Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mystery Decisions

I am usually a pretty good decision maker. I don't labor over decisions. I can listen to, study or read the facts, make up my mind and go. OK, some times the "act" part is where things fall down a bit, but that's a different topic. I can live with almost all of the decisions I've made in my so far. Like everyone, I'd like one or two do-overs.

When I first started hearing about Mystery Stole 3, it was easy decision. "I can do that - sure I'm gonna join." I'm beginning to wonder now, if that was that only good decision I've made on this project so far. For instance, my choice of yarn. The initial specifications called for somewhere around 1200 yards of yarn. "OK, that's a lot - but still doable. Lace weight is cheap." Also, as part of the "Mystery", the designed "suggested" either a black or white yarn. Black - Lace - No. So, we've narrowed the field to white or cream. But see what's happening here. I'm not really deciding anything am I? I bought some Misti Alpaca Lace Weight (1800 yards) in cream and I did the test swatch here (by the way, I've since gotten some new, really cool glasses!). I DECIDED it was OK and waited for the 1st clue. New specifications come out - probably only need about 700 yards of lace weight. OK - well, it's cheap. I can dye the rest of it. Good decision.

Oh, and look how well the cream beads show up too. Yes - they're in there. I promise. I guess it never occurred to me to stash dive after the revised specs came out because look what I passed up for the whole cream-on-cream theme:Haiku "Punk" with black beads, Mongolian Cashmere "Vintage Rose" with silver beads, Mongolian Silk Cashmere "Hydrangea" with crystal beads, and Haiku "Fire & Ice" with black beads. But, I took the safe route. I took "guidelines" literally - something I rarely do. Speed limit 55 - not me. 1 cup of chocolate chips - no, I think two is better. 1 ounce of vodka - no, no - just a shake or three more please - it's for Carole! So what's up with this? I'm chalking it up to "some decisions are better left in the hands of the knitting Goddesses."

And this final decision does not qualify me for those ranks. My obsessive need to keep the chart all together, in one piece. It should not take a rocket scientist, or aforementioned knitting goddess to realize that the chart will no doubt be larger than the stole itself in no time. It should be a treat to haul around, don't you think? I'm thinking if all else fails, a good pair of scissors, a hole punch, my colored pencils, and glue gun for the beads and I could just wear the chart. Good decision!