Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dye 'N Dine

I know that Chris, Jeanne and Miss T have already given their reports on our wonderful Saturday together. I really don't have more to add except a few different photos.
Miss T finished a bit earlier than some of us and so she grabbed her knitting and sat peacefully while Chris and I fiddled away with our few remaining skeins.

Jeanne also had some time to knit for a while while Chris and I continued on our merry way.

See the serious look on Chris' face? Yeah me either. Perhaps because you can't see her face? It's because she to busy trying to catch up so she can sit happily knitting like the others at this point.
When all is said and done, that's a lot of yarn. Too much for that small table that's for sure.
Wait - what's that - a new looooooooong table. Thanks for the new table Mr. It sure came in handy with the addition of a new person.
And thanks for taking the group picture - and for understanding the whole "No, you can't show her in the picture!! She wants to be hidden! It's her "thing". Especially when you were ready to leave - like ten minutes ago!Some of my yarn - not reskeined.

The rest of my yarn. The top two are from this weekend as well, and are re-skeined. The grey, black and purple went on to a Swap-Bot exchange. Hey KmKat - You won the Happy Hour Contest!!! Guess what's coming your way sister!!! Send me an e-mail with address etc.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Thank you all for you wonderful comments about Leslie. They lifted my soul. Her Memorial Service is this morning and I will carry them with me in my heart.