Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Hour

ETA: Now with contest goodness!! Post a Happy Hour picture by September 21st and you could win some yarn and related wonders. After you've posted a picture, let me know at deb at secrestfamily dot com.

Dear Carole,

So it didn't work for me to bring my knew
knitting bag out to Massachusetts, and it's not too likely that I'll be in Utah this weekend either. But we've talked about this idea of a virtual Happy Hour for a while. And it seems to me if you can pull off a virtual baby shower, well this should be a piece of - brie.

I'm partial to vodka martinis, as I believe you are. If memory serves,
Margene prefers gin?? I don't have any blue cheese stuffed olives, but I do have blue cheese (it was a bit early to pull it out of the fridge this morning and deal with the smell!) and I can make my own when the time is right.

I'll probably work on this sock for my sister-in-law. Baby cable rib in Koigu. Yum. I'm working on the short row heel and loving it. I may have to get through the heel before I get too far into my martini though. Just sayin...
So here's the deal. At some point this weekend, have a virtual Happy Hour. Get your martinis and your knitting ready. Take a picture. Let me know where you were, what you were working on, who you were with - blah blah blah. This virtual Happy Hour is open to anybody else who wants to join in. Around these parts it's supposed to be a pretty spectacular weekend. I'd expect to see some really nice outdoor "Happy Hour" pictures!
Shaken or stirred??