Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nearly Missed My Own Party

A network upgrade, and the lack of an engineer during business hours, left me unable to post yesterday. Said engineer also made it nearly impossible to enjoy the beautiful weekend with his new project. Don't worry, that small patch of siding will be coming off too. This project is kind of like picking at a small piece of yarn and unraveling the entire sleeve.
And so it wasn't until Sunday evening that I was able to enjoy the gorgeous sunset, a cool glass of ice tea, my best friend, and some quiet knitting time. I found my Lutea Lace Tank, unfinished stuffed under the bed while trying to retrieve a remote control. I have one strap to finish. Just in time for fall!
I have a few entries from others' virtual Happy Hours - Let's see yours!!
This photo from the back yard - wile it might look like a crop circle or the remains from an alien space craft has a much simpler explanation. Look back to the fist picture and see if you can guess.