Monday, September 10, 2007

First Day

Kathryn, the animals, and I thought Jon was owed his photo-op this morning as he heads off to his first day on the new job. Everyone, even Tigger, eagerly participated in what is becoming a family rite of passage.
So dressed in smashing new suit, with Coach briefcase in hand (a gift from us the last time he started a new job) he left this morning about an hour early. And while we did not send him off with a new lunch box, we did send him with a coffee cup from a previous job.
Oh, I'm sorry - you can't quite see it? Here's a close up:
Nothing says "I'm a tough guy" like the cup from your stint as a CTU agent. Yea - CTU Western Minneapolis Suburbs. It's a tough job - "You're gonna have to trust me!!"

This new job should be a piece of cake. No nukes or toxic biological threats. Good luck honey! Knock 'em dead - well, maybe just wow 'em.