Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Neighbor - New BFF

We live in a very quiet, secluded neighborhood. No one has moved into or out of our neighborhood since we landed here 13 years ago. So when this little guy showed up about three weeks ago, there was quite a buzz.

Meet Cooper. He's a 12-week old toy poodle who just moved in next door to us. While he technically belongs to Julie, Holli believes the she is responsible for Cooper and they have become the best of friends - despite the David and Goliath thing they have going on.

"C,mon Big Dog. Can we wrestle? PLEASE????"

"Easy now Cooper. I'm not as young as you are."

"OK now, pay attention. This is when they start making you sit still. But if you do it well, you usually get a cookie! Look at the camera...."

"You'll never make a good Blog Dog if you don't learn to look at the camera, Cooper!"