Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Small Space

I got mostly nothing today except to say that this house gets very small when both Jon and are home together on a school day. Thankfully - it's just for today or I think I'd really go - - well, nuttier than I already am. In case I didn't leave enough room for you to read between the lines last week, Jon DOES have a new job which he will start next Monday. We will be sending off to a large telecommunications equipment manufacturing firm, based right here in the Twin Cities, 5 miles from home, as the Global Vice President of Marketing. When we conquer other planets, then, I guess, he can try for the Interplanetary Vice President's job. I'll probably go lunch box shopping for him this week 'cause I just sent away one of my favorites!! He will be travelling a lot more than any of us is used to. Kathryn and I will be eating a lot more buttered noodles for dinner! It's all good......

"Really - seriously - I mean you'd leave me here with just the chicks?"