Thursday, May 21, 2009

Write a Story

One of the prompts in the writing lab at school is to give the students a few facts, settings, or pictures and see what kind of story they can weave. Often they are quite elaborate; sometimes they are quite stunning in their simplicity! This exercise came to mind yesterday when Kathryn and I returned home from school and I thought you might like to take a stab at it. Here is the setting and a few pictures:
  • Hot day - 90 + degrees
  • Very high winds
  • Skittish, anxiety-prone dog, left alone for 3 hours (not an unusual occurrence!)
  • Lake

(She's wet and in this picture - and smells like a swamp)
  • $50.00 spent at the groomer for bath just the day before

So - write me a story! Oh, don't forget the cats!