Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lots of catching up to do...

Jen asked us to share pictures of the views from our windows. That like a really easy way to get back into the swing of blog things.
This is the view from my kitchen window. The little hanging basket is one of five that Jon made this year; he is the gardener of the family. I don't have a good track record with living, green things (frogs, salamander, lizards included.)

This is the view from our front door. The teeny lilac tree is "Walter". He was a gift from me to my husband last year on our tenth wedding anniversary.

Around the corner, just out of sight is "Glenda". She is a flowering crab tree that I gave him on our first anniversary.

I'm really romantic.

This is the view on to our screen porch, which Jon built, and where he and Kate are spending the afternoon trying to finish their books. Jon is trying to finish his so he can start another (so NOT a knitter's mentality). Kate is trying to finish hers so that she can meet her reading goal for the year. I'm leaving them alone in order that they accomplish their goals.

CAUTION: Bandwagon Jumping-On Ahead!

Because it looked like fun. That's why! And it was. And I'd do it again, and I have! And it really doesn't smell like every one says it does - plus if you have a nine year old you already have juice that smells like Kool-Aid anyway. And everything you make is original, unique, one-of-a-kind. Did I mention that is cheap.

There. Those are my answers to the questions non knitting people asked me about why I would bother with such a silly idea. That's why I Kool-Aid dyed some yarn.

I finished the little wrap in about two hours one day. It's made from two balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan which I originally did not care for when it came in. But I played around with it and worked a purse stitch (P1, *P2tog, YO* P1 - every row - I think) and it turned out very sweet. Planned on wearing for Mother's Day Brunch - but forgot it at home. Damn, it was chilly in there too.

Blue, photographed on a green countertop, comes out looking - well - gray, I guess. Here is
my "close to almost being close to being done" sweater. When it is complete, it should look as below, except blue. I'm using Classic Elite's Classic Silk, (color #6947, Cobalt) which I love and can not recommend more highly.

I think I'll look happier than she does when I'm wearing the sweater.

School is almost out and the end-of-year activities are beginning to dwindle. Dance Recital was Mother's day weekend. Kate and I have out piano recitals on Tuesday. I'm very anxious as this is my first time playing solo (she and I played a duet last time and she saved me). Kate has a few school ""end-of..." events at school. And then it's time the big trip. But I'll save that for next time because there are a lot of complicated plans in this one.

Enjoy the long weekend.