Friday, May 30, 2008

For the Record

Just so you know, I started this beautiful beaded scarf a long time ago. Way before a famous knit blogger did. It's just that with my arduous travel and speaking schedule, working out of the house with my three teen aged girls, and my musician-type husband who also works out of the house....wait, that's not me.

Why then am I only at this point while the aforementioned person with a much busier life seems to be cruising along at record pace. Because I am an idiot. I can't seem to get the beads placed in the right spot from one row to the next. The beads get pulled up on yarn overs and have to be snug up against the needle; on the way back they have to be positioned either in front or in back of the left needle (knit pr purl dependant) when you work the yarn over stitch. It's just futsy enough to keep you interested but to make your little fingers fumble around with each other. When it doesn't look "just perfect", I rip the damn thing out to start over again.
When that happens, I usually take the opportunity to string "just a few more" beads on. It's kind of like therapy at the adult day care center I think I'll have to check myself into if I keep messing this thing up. It'll be lovely when it's done . . .

. . . or it'll just be a REALLY long string of pretty beads. On REALLY pretty yarn.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Rest of the Fest

Days two and three of the Fiber Festival were dedicated to the spinners. The small crowds meant lots of quality time with the fiber and the wheel. I was finally able to finish spinning all the purple and green singles and then plied them together into a lovely lace weight. I'm calling it "Lilac" - original, I know. I eeked out 700 hundred yards of this and then my arms just about fell off.
Next up is this lovely 85% Merino/15% Silk from Paradise Fibers. I spun this into a single which I'm really nervous about leaving as a single because a) it may be too thin in spots; b) I'm still a bit fuzzy on this whole singles vs. plied yarns and their various energy blah blah blah. I may just look at it on the bobbin and declare it beautiful.

Then disaster struck. Monday morning one of the animals escaped from the good care of their keeper. (It's like a Highlights game. "Can you find Holli, Tigger and Sammy in this picture?")

Some of the Merino Glitz (in Merlot Sparkle colorway) which was just started on the wheel early that morning became the object of attention and was seriously damaged.
The culprit has yet to be identified. But on the theory that criminals always return to the scene of the crime, I am standing by, ever vigilant, waiting to see just who may wander by to check things out.

"Moooooooom - can I play with your fluff again?"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Porch Fiber Festival

The second annual Holly Lane Porch Fiber Festival was this past weekend and it was a blast. Just like those other fiber festivals, this one has all the same things.


Hands on demonstrations:

Adult beverages, (gluten free of course!!):

And fiber, fiber, fiber!

Word of this event has spread so much that this years attendance increased over last year by 33%. Amazing as we had NO advertising or marketing budget (despite being married to a VP of the same!)
Jealous yet?? Well there was food too!

Friday, May 23, 2008


. . . Junk Desk

Many people have something the refer to as their junk drawer. I have, instead, a junk desk. What's sad is that it is right in the center of our kitchen. I've been in the habit of letting things accumulate on the desk all week and then dealing with it on Friday. It doesn't always work. Much to the dismay of the male inhabitant of the house.

On the left we have a coaster, a big envelope of junk left over for Kid's College, the cords to plug everything into the computer, some Box Tops, and a Target receipt for, let me see here .... medication. On the right is Zyrtec, A Delta Dental benefits thing I have to call on, my Headache Calendar, Kathryn's Learnia test results (clueless as to what these actually mean). By the end of today, with any luck, this junk will be sorted through and put or thrown away.

Problem is, it'll likely go to one of these three places:

Junk drawer 1 - on the theory that you just can't have enough rosaries around the house, there are three in this drawer alone! Three flavors of chap stick, pens, pencils, credit cards, green Chibi, an emery board. Your basic Junk drawer. Or Junk drawer 2. It has tape, paper, envelopes, pencils, a replacement feather chaser for a cat toy of Sammy's, an old cell phone and it's charger, school notes. Your basic re-stock for Junk drawer 1.
Or Junk slots one and two. This is the last Junk stop before trash can. If it goes here and I don't look for it for say, a year, then it gets tossed. I pretty much don't even know what's in there now. Except I recognize one thing as a PedEgg. Impulse buy at Target. If you're thinking of it - don't. It rips the skin off your feet. Probably why it never made it upstairs to the bathroom with the other pedicure products.
Oh, but Trek, I'm too late for our school with these!! There yours now. I just have to dig up the address. I hope it's not in with this junk anywhere!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My 10 Minutes

Inspired by Carole, and her 10 minutes a day, I've also decided to spend 10 minutes a day with my wheel. Not because I have an enormous fiber stash, but more because it's been a while since we've spent quality time together. Like anything, it takes practice, practice, practice.
But rather than spin down in the studio, I thought today would be a good day to bring the wheel upstairs an take her out on to the porch.

So, I gave her a good spring cleaning and oiling (yes Shelley, I remembered to oil her!!).

OK - for any actual spinning to take place today, I'll actually go in to next week's allotment of 10 minute chunks. But that just seems right for a Thursday with not much on the calendar. And these guys happily snoozing away. . .

. . . nowhere near the "Cat Wheel of Fun" I might add!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Digs

The Cat "Wheel of Fun". It took Jon, Kathryn and I about two hours to put this together; it's rather unsteady and wobbly. At 14 pounds, Tigger would be well advised to stay on the bottom level of the two-story condo.
However, once it was in place, and we threw away the box that they REALLY loved, the "Fun" in "Cat Fun Wheel" began. Countless minutes of kitty-swat have been observed. Or "bop the butt" of the kitty above you - now there's a game the whole family can play - for a few seconds or two. Once, a wild game of "Queen of the Condo" was played - Sammy was the only player. But she defended her turf honorably.

I'm thinking of getting the box out of the recycling bin.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Blog Brag

I have to take today and brag about Kid's College. I was dreading this event. It was a ton of work and I really thought that the kids wouldn't quite appreciate the curriculum - much less the effort. I was wrong. It was great fun. Of course I only had a fully charged camera for the second day and So I missed the Middle School. But the Elementary School day was better for pictures.

We had our local police on hand to talk to the about safety and 9-1-1 and stranger danger. The kids got to play in the cruiser, sound the siren and flash the lights. And really, isn't a always a hoot to see a sister driving a cruiser. That's our beloved Sr. Lucy. She wants us to sent this home to her family in India. I hope they have a sense of humor. "Hey kids, how many of you have seen your mom and dad back here?" kept ringing through my head.

Just in time for the New Indiana Jones movie, we brought in a real archaeologist and the kids dug for buried treasure in boxes of sand. He even had a British accent.

There were some high flying kicks thanks to a local Karate studio and some high flying kites thanks to a school mom - volunteers both! Um, why yes, that is my daughter flying that kite. My program, my kid in the picture.

Two craft classes, sewing and scrap booking (taught by our own blogger, Connie) which produced some awesome results. And - boys attended both!! I think that teaching this class was the best part of Connie's very hard day. Please pop over give her kitty hugs on the loss of her beloved Miss Ellie

A "Dog Whisperer" was on hand to teach basics of dog safety and dog training. Um, why yes, that's my dog and my dog whisperer. Ah, nepotism. I believe in hiring the best.

"Fun with Food" - or - "Am I Really Gonna Have to Eat That??"
A total surprise was the city recycling manager who brought lots of examples of things made from items which can (and should) be recycled. His giveaways were awesome - pencils made from recycled jeans, or money and or plastic!

A yoga class to help them through their stressful day!

And finally, a visit from the Animal Humane Society. A strategic error. Gather all the small kids for a 50 minute presentation by this lovely young lady. Start off with a few opening comments about who they are, what they do etc. Then ask if the kids have any questions before she gets started.

Anyone know what the question is?

Yeah - "What's in the cage?" For 45 minutes. That's all they wanted to know. It drove them nuts. They could hear it and smell it and it was killing them. "What's in the cage?" "When can we see what's in the cage" "Will we be able ti pet what ever is in the cage?"
It was a great two days. I'm glad they had fun and even learned some stuff. Thanks for letting me brag.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Off To College

The extra cars driving up and down our street at all hours of the night means that the college age kids (boys in the case of our neighborhood) are home for the summer. Falling asleep at night to the sweet sounds of bouncing basketballs, from the boys behind us and across the street, is almost as fun as the nightly serenade of "How Much Bass Can Your Car Put Out 'Cuz I Bet Mine Can Do Bettah!"

So while these guys are all coming home to live off their parents for a few months, I'm headed to college. Yep, college. "Lucky Deb" you're probably thinking. "I hope she's taking something really fun, or intellectual, or deeply meaningful for her." Yep, college.

Kid's College. At Kathryn's school. The time suck of all time sucks volunteer project which has taken over my life, kitchen, free time, and my family will all come to fruition today and tomorrow. It's sort of like "Career Day". The kids get to spend time with visiting "professors" from all walks of life and decide at the tender age of anywhere from 7 -13 on a career path. It's also sort of like Career Day in that I've decided I really don't want to do ANYTHING like this EVER for a real job. But it's for the kids..... 6:

See you next week!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Did, I Do

Kathryn had to do the math for me this morning, it seems like we've been married forever. I thought this was our 14th anniversary. "No, Mom. It's your Golden Anniversary." We had a little conversation about the difference between golden birthdays and anniversaries.
In all actuality, it is the time before I met Jon that seems like it lasted an eternity. That time you where you wander aimlessly through life; searching for something, finding all the wrong things, making all the wrong choices, turning left when you shouldn't even have been driving. And just when you think your life is about tho fall apart, it does. And you're a mess for a few years. But you fix yourself up and meet "this guy". He likes the "new and improved", on-the-path-to-self-actualization you. At some point you'll tell him about the you that you left in a heap over in South Minneapolis! He is strong and wise, witty and charming, and well past self actualization - but before egotistic. He may be the most amazing person you've ever met.

One day, he asks you to marry him. And so, I did. I said, "I Do."

Thirteen years ago today. I said "I Do." So did Jon. I have never regretted those words. I love my husband more every time I look at him. He didn't rescue me from something or fix me or save me. He was the first person to see the real and true me and to know the potential in me. I will love him forever for that. He is my husband, the father of Kathryn, a gentleman, a friend, a caring and giving human. If you've met Jon, you know of his sense of humor. Frankly - he is one of the best people I know. And he's mine. I'm resisting saying "I don't deserve him" because that would negate all the years of therapy - so, let me just say - and I DO deserve it.
Jon: I did marry you; I do love you, I would (and will!!) marry you again. Happy Anniversary!