Tuesday, May 12, 2009


In between treating me like royalty on Sunday, Jon was busy all day working in the yard. As I think I've told you before, he's in charge of all things gardening and landscaping. I don't possess the skills to do these things. Last week I ventured out to the front garden to pull some weeds. I was joined soon afterward by Jon. He came out under the guise of smoothing over the spat which sent me to the garden. But it was really to make sure I wasn't pulling up anything which was meant to be there - again.

After dinner on Sunday he took me out to show me the latest project - the "East Side Beautification Project" Wow!

Now when I work on a knitting project and show it to someone, it's "something" even when it's in progress. Like "Look at the heel on this sock!" Sure, it's not a sock yet, but it is something!
I'm having a hard time putting this into knitting terms.