Monday, May 18, 2009

Hanging Around

A few years ago Jon took a class at our golf course on making your own hanging baskets. He'll freely admit to everyone that while you won't save any money doing this, you will bet a much better product than the pre-made hanging baskets. This weekend was "hanging basket weekend" as he passed the craft on to Kathryn. I have no pictures of the actual making of the baskets (it's messy!), the results are lovely.

What you can't see is the automatic dribble sprinklers that keeps them watered throughout the summer. Now if only they could automatically rotate themselves and move themselves from corner to corner every Saturday - - but I'm sure that's in the works.

And yes, while Kathryn and I were really hoping for a different kind of tomato plant this summer, we're stuck with just this regular old patio pot!
"If you think this locked screen door and grate can keep me in, you're just some kinda crazy Mom!!" - Tig