Thursday, May 07, 2009

Listen to Your Mom

Or in my case, listen to a mom whose opinion you trust in matters such as this. That would SO not be my mom. She would be inclined to say something such as: "Why are you even bothering with that?", or "Don't you have anything better to do with your time?, or, the always available, "When Kathryn is in high school, are you going to get a real job?" Thanks Mom. But I think I'll take my knitting advice from other moms.

Like Neatnik's mom. She seems like the same kind of mom I am (or want to be at least!); she's smart - she teaches college. She's even smarter - she used to be a pharmacist. She also seems to be going through similar issues with a sweater. So when her comment on the big sock problem of the other day said, very simply this:

trek said...
Change yarn? Pattern?
Have a stiff shot?
10:19 AM

Seriously? You didn't think I would change the yarn did you??? That's the whole reason I'm in this dilemma! Plus - that's a fresh bottle of vodka.

To all my mom friends (even of kitties!!) I hope your Mother's Day is as special as you all are!