Friday, May 01, 2009


I get to take a little road trip this weekend. All by myself. Alone. My niece is celebrating her First Eucharist in Milwaukee and I'm going to go be there with her. I was scheduled to be the "proxy" godparent - something the real godparent didn't even know about - but I've since been asked to relinquish that role. Now, I'm just going for the free booze at the brunch.

While I'm gone, Jon will have to take care of a few things around here. Worst First off, Kate has one of those day long-dance competitions again. He will have to spend the whole day in a dark theatre watching young girls dance. Wonder just how much booze there will be at the brunch?
OK - well he better not let anything happen to these guys because I've been doing a really great job of watching them grow. Everyday. Just staring at them.

What takes them so long to turn into tulips??