Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Socks by the Numbers

I'm pretty sure that if I go downstairs and look in any one of my fancy sock knitting books, the description for knitting two socks at one time would be very specific in its description about only requiring ONE circular needle.
But that wasn't really the plan here. I began the Sunrise Chevron Socks by looking at the needle sizes and knew "Gotta drop down." Didn't check or anything. I was looking for something with an easy pattern that would knit fast. So off I went. Cuff ribbing, done; fits over foot and calf; off to the pattern, forgot to change to larger needle; oops; just keep going since these are bigger needles than I usually use (US 1 / 2.5mm); knit till I'm ready to start the heel; slip it on. Huh? It's a little - snug.
Plan B. Don't rip this one out (This will be KEY!). Start NEW sock on US 2 / 2.75 mm. I figure whichever one works, then I'll just have to knit another one of THAT one. Yay! Knit cuff; still forget to change needle size (good thing); keep going; knit enough of the pattern to not be a total moron (but it's such an easy and fun pattern!!) that I go farther than I want to anyway; finally stop and try it on.
Well damn. I can almost read through it. It doesn't come anywhere close to staying up on my leg. This is where some sort of math skills might have come in handy. Like knowing what difference .25mm would have made on the 60 stitches and to the overall circumference of the sock. I do not possess such math skills and frankly, I'm too embarrassed to ask the child who does possess them for this kind of help. Perhaps this is finally the answer to that whole gauge question I've ignored forever when it comes to socks. No problem. I can still make this work. I'll just get the needle size in-between 2.5mm and 2.75mm which - doesn't exist.
So now I'm back to sock number one, the heel of which I hate. I can still see through it too. So this will also be ripped back so I can knit just a regular heel. And knit more loosely on the rest of this one and the next one. And then stretch them out a lot on the sock blockers. Or give them to someone with even smaller feet than me.
" Um - Mom. Even I can figure out that with this plan you'd still wind up having to knit almost three socks. That seems like a lot more work!"