Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Jon would say that if we have to start painting rooms over again, we've lived here too long. I claim that since everyone uses our laundry room to enter our house, it should look better than it has.
Jon put up the wainscoting a few weeks ago. The weather finally cooperated (in that it is fall again here in Minnesota) so that it could be stained and varnished over the weekend.

Tig spent the weekend worried about his next meal since his feeding station is on the counter up there by his big butt.

A fresh coat of paint and a new Target window covering and now the BACK HALL, not the ENTRYWAY looks bright and sunny.
Holli's little breakfast nook, with a picture of her mom, looks fresh with the empty bowl it tells me it must be time to eat!

And something for Tig to play with while he waits all day for dinner!