Monday, June 08, 2009

Camp Redux

School got out Thursday. No rest for the wicked here however. The BFF arrived back in Minnesota (from Texas) early Saturday morning, along with her sister. Kathryn, the Texas girls and two others were promptly deposited at basketball camp on Sunday at St. Ben's . Phew - enough of them! Seriously - it's just a five day camp, and it's inside in gym clothes. They packed for a month in the wilderness. That green bag - at least 200 pounds.

Me: "Welcome to college dorm life!"
Them: "The room smells!"
Me: "Welcome to college dorm life!"

Kid's gone - I'm still making beds!

Although it IS an overnight camp - I think the girls were afraid that meals were not going to be provided. This is just Kathryn and the BFF's stash. I believe they have the carbs covered . . .

. . . and maybe a day or two of beverages.

Oh look, a little piece of home! An 18 year old picture of her parents! Next to her wallet filled with the cash I gave her to get - treats in case she runs out of - food?

When everyone is unpacked and happy, it's time for me to go. And sob all the the way home. Did I mention that I returned to an empty house? Mr. is in China until Friday.