Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alone The Last

Based on the comments from yesterday, I must have forgotten to tell you guys that Jon is in China. He read the blog yesterday and sent the following email:

"Looks like you are getting questions on the blog about China. Here is Hong Kong harbour.

Jon Secrest"

Kathryn finally checked in from basketball camp - much to her mother's relief. She's exhausted and having a blast. They come home today. I'm planning a parade. The Tuesday Morning Knitting group is doing our own little potholder swap - sort of. We're making a few for ourselves and then some for Peggy's daughter who is getting married in October. So while wasting time watching the web cam from basketball camp (and actually tapping on it and trying to wave to my kid - c'mon - you've done it too!) I tweaked around trying to get my hands to remember the "Willow" block. The muscle memory came back but using such a small hook (C) on DK weight yarn is challenging.

The knitting girls came over last night and after a few bottles of wine we had the problems of the world figured out and my perfectly lovely week was over. And it's ok.