Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dad and Me

Phmi phmlog! Phmit's phme, phmolli.
Sorry, probably you couldn't understand me with a tire on my mouth. Anyway, this is Holli and I am kind of mad at mom cuz of all the talk about everyone being so happy to be back home together and she forgot to tell you about how happy I am that Dad is home. Mom is fine and everything; we have good "quiet time". But me and Dad have a game that we play every night after dinner.
Just when mom gets up from the dinner table and starts to give special instructions on what to do with the leftovers (which is NEVER "Give them all to Holli cuz of her being such a great dog!") and Dad and Sis start doing the dishes, I go over to my toy box and get ready for the game.When the dishes are done I run right over to Dad with my tug-of-war toy and prance around until he take his end of the toy. Let the fun begin Big Guy!

I can do so many spins it almost takes Dad's arm off. Oh yeah - I'm glad Sis is home too. She take me for walks now that she has a cell phone!
Sunday night, we played so hard, we broke the tire off my tug toy. But Dad said he'd get me a NEW tug toy which he did but I don't like it as much cuz of it not having a very long rope and too big of a tire but Dad needs to play so I will!
When the game is over Dad is SOOO tired that I need to give him a little bit of a rest before we can play "throw the ball". That's the game where Dad throws the tennis ball about 20 times but I only bring it back once or twice. Dad LOVES running and getting the ball, showing it to me, then throwing it again. Huh - funny Dad!