Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alone Still

Day Two: I'd like to tell you that I've been sleeping alone during Jon's absence. I think that would be the decent thing to do. Usually, one small, black kitty sleeps in a tiny ball by my knees until she gets bored and needs to take yarn for a walk.
However, some sort of kitty truce has been called and they are gonna keep me in this bed no.matter.what!
Holli, who hasn't been allowed on the bed in years, saw nothing wrong with jumping up onto Dad's side when a bit of thunder roiled in the distance - like Montana. She felt as if I'd need protection. Lucky for me she can provide such protection while she sleeps. Equally lucky for Holli, Tig can protect her while he sleeps.

I'd also like to report that I don't sleep with a camera in my bed. These awesome photos were taken with my cell phone, which I have been sleeping with . . expecting a phone call from my daughter. Not so much. I've been glued to the computer watching her on the live web-cam but I can't tell her from all the other blond-haired, baggy short basketball players. And don't get me started on the person in China.
So I had some non-knitting girlfriends over last night and we went through the liqour stash - Hah! Tonight the knitting group girls are coming - better restock.