Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Day One: Cleaning out studio; I found long lost sock. Hmmm, why did I only knit one?

It's all coming back to me now . . .

The rest of the yarn took a midnight stroll through the house with a kitty. Silly of me to leave it in a Ziploc bag inside another bag next to my bed.

I love a good challenge but even I was doubtful of getting this back into one, continuous piece. It's hard to stay mad at her when she warms your lap as you go!

So after many twists, turns and tugs and three hours of Brenda Leigh Johnson and Fritz (sigh - Fritz!), just three balls of yarn. I'd REALLY like to not have to change yarn in the middle of a sock . . . .

The rest, into the basket of sock ends and mini-skeins. All-in-all, a good day. Except I guess I have to actually knit that sock.