Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Right Round

Summer is such a nice time for spinning. I can be outside, not so many interruptions - like - life. So I've been really enjoying the time I've been able to spend at the wheel. There isn't a lot to show for the time but what I do have, I love.
First up, some beautiful alpaca that was so very easy to work ("the book" said it would be.) I decided I wanted to separate the three colors for a longer stretch of each color and make a three ply yarn.

One more puff of fluff to go.

This is completed but still soaking wet (because I forgot it was soaking in the sink downstairs since Sunday!). It's 1 ounce of silk / merino / bamboo / Tencel in "Grapevine" from the The Fiber Studio. The fiber was in a batt which I've decided I quite like working from. I think it'll look much better once it's dry and fluffed a bit. And modeled appropriately.
"Mom, will you make me something? Does this color look good on me? Is this my good side? Will this make my butt look big?" - Sammy