Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Affair

Everybody is home and so happy to be back together. Friday and Saturday were busy with our house guest and graduation parties. Sunday was our first opportunity to spend time together as a team. The day was spent on various errands, hobbies and chores - including the installation of a basketball hoop - so the recently acquired skillz can be kept fresh! She beat her dad in "Horse" "HORSE" to "H". Go Girl!

Dinner was a largely home-grown affair. Starting with cocktail hour:
Vodkitos - sort of like a Mojito but we used vodka instead of rum because - well - we were out of rum. But the mint in the drink was home grown in my new little herb window box!

Dinner was a pasta with tomato pesto and fresh tomatoes on top. The pesto and tomatoes - we grew them! I grew the basil in my new little herb window box, and the tomatoes are from the patio pot I had so little hope for way back here. These little tomatoes were SO good, tasty, juicy and unlike store tomatoes! And the basil .... hmmm!
Dad and daughter bond over dish time. It's so hard to capture "joy" in a picture - especially when the photographer has tears in her eyes. These two - they have a thing that I'll never be a part of, I understand it, I'm not jealous of it, I'm happy to stand by and watch it. It's just that it's so different from "the thing" between a mother and daughter.Good kitchen help needs a reward. We didn't grow any of these ingredients.
Except the dorky grin. And kissable marshmallow lips.