Monday, April 13, 2009

Sure Signs

A weekend full of sunshine and moderate (50s) temperatures finally send some shoots of spring our way. I say moderate because around here, some people say 50 degrees is "beautiful". I've recently been to "beautiful" - this is still cold.

Mr. decided to plant the tulip bulbs in the planters this year - as opposed to in the garden. We have too many bunnies (cute!!) and deer (cuter!!) in the yard who believe the tulips are planted for their culinary delight. Any treatment sprayed on the tulips, hosta etc., to keep the said creatures away, well, they just think it's salad dressing.Mr. is quite pleased that this plan appears to be working, and the bunnies and bambis seem to be staying away . . . [ insert ominous music here ].
I'm guessing that the deer won't come this close to the house. Must mean the bunny living under the deck can jump! Bet Mr. didn't know that.

Another sure sign of spring - the Easter Retriever. Who should be doing a better job of keeping that darn bunny away. The thing is, she'd rather play with the bunny - especially now with the matching ears and all.