Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a Name

When last we saw her, my February Lady Sweater, was making slow and steady progress. That was, of course, back in February. She was a delightful, mutli-color alpaca yarn with which I instantly fell in love. Perfect colors for February I thought.
She took a break while I finished up some other (knitting and non-knitting) projects. And now look at her:Huh? How'd this happen? I could blame in on the Green movement but, I'm not all that "green". Although I do my best. It is spring and everything, but we're back down into the 40s again today. Nothing all that dramatic. Gauge. This beautiful sweater would have been nothing more than a light, airy wrap had I continued on under the old scheme.
So now the good news / bad news. I'm not getting to use the alpaca. But I've made much more progress in just a few days since dumping the old project. I'm now using a hand dyed yarn from a local woman. The base yarn is "Texas" which I'm too lazy to go look up right now. It's quite lovely and holds the pattern better than the alpaca did. And the green color will work much better for the Spring than just in February!