Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pieces of Sammy

The cleaning lady has been and gone; but there are certain residents of the household who don't seem to understand the "Let's keep it clean" rule. You know the one that would have you keep your fur on for at least 24 hours so the house still looks clean? Then of course there are the other residents who just walk right past the fur spots believing that we should just leave them until the next time the fairy cleaning lady comes.The worst spot is the "secret kitty lair". This is the favorite hangout spot. Especially in the morning as she watches my morning comings and goings. Her collection of favorite toys rests comfortably near by just in case she fells a bit frisky. That happens later in the morning . . .
. . . after she's fully rested from the morning's haul. This happened while I was taking K to school this morning.
Let's see what the morning catch brought in: my sunglasses, an empty Chibi, a purple pen, and a empty prescription bottle. Thanks Sammy! Yes, I DO have knitting group this morning! It IS sunny out today. I REALLY do need to refill that prescription for Kathryn! I'll make a NOTE! Much better than a "To Do" list. And fluffier too!