Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Are YOU Smarter?

Unlike the AWESOME academic news over at Carole's this morning (congratulations Hannah!) this story has a different take on the apple and the tree. My parents are cleaning out their house room-by-room (so we won't have to do it when they die - um, thanks mom & dad?!). I received one of what I can only imagine will be many packages the other day. This one contained my grade school report cards. Since Kathryn's report card had just been sent home, I thought it would be fun to compare our 6th grade reports cards. A word of warning here, unless you are ABSOLUTELY certain that you are a direct descendant of someone like Stephen Hawkings, DON'T DO THIS IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILD. You will never live down the humiliation.

(Sorry for the crappy pictures - "old" doesn't photograph very well!!)

Frak! There go my dreams of being an English teacher. A "C" in reading? For crying out loud, that's all I do now! I do however, totally understand that "A" in Language as I do have a flair for the spoken word. And Arithmetic - at least I was consistent.And at least in the important things, like politeness and playing in the sand box well, I was "S"d.But still, "Little Miss Straight A" is walking around here like she owns the place. At least I had perfect attendance!