Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Serious Monkey

I can't express in too strong of words just how much I can't stand obligation knitting. I love to knit, that should go without saying. But obligation knitting is just so - obligation -ey. And it aways starts so innocently. You ask your sister-in-law if she would make a few pieces of jewelry* for a fund raiser way back in October. In turn, she asks you, In April, to knit something for her fund - six months later - when you for sure thought she would have forgotten the good deed she did you. The aforementioned fundraiser is this coming Friday - yeah April 17th. Sister-in-law dearest made the request about 6 weeks ago. I made seven attempts at this but I was too big of an idiot to keep the pattern straight and then the ball of yarn got tangled and then it was Spring Break and...
So now we combine two things that are completely irksome to me: obligation knitting AND speed knitting. When idea number one failed a week ago, I went to Plan B - yesterday.
I figure if I do nothing else between now and Thursday, I could have a fairly decent sized scarf to donate to their silent auction. I tried to make this narrower so it would go faster, but believe it or not, I couldn't figure out the freaking math.
To make matters worse for myself, I decided to part with something really special to me - some of my hand spun yarn. No one who bids on this will care. No matter what I write on the auction card, they'll just see "Scarf; Hand Knit".

There is a serious monkey on my back my friends, and I gotta shake it.

*Making jewelry = knitting? Um - no!! Putting beads on wire and adding a clasp. It's not like she MADE the wire, like I did the yarn!! Duh - I am such a glucking futton!