Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Thanks for the kind, comforting and all-around good-thoughts yesterday. It helps so much to be in the company of good women who can lend an ear, an eye, a comment, or private email during uncertain times. I feel surrounded!
I needn't have worried about a thing Friday night. The Middle School dance went off beautifully! The kids were amazing - well behaved, dressed appropriately, no "space" issues. I was very proud of all of them! Kathryn's (pink top) dance card was full - it was precious seeing her dance her first slow dance ever. The young man had asked her on Monday! They all dance arm's length apart - sort of like Frankenstein.

The DJ was a hit. Only one song snuck past the censor (me) and even though it was the clean version (something about Helen Keller) it slipped past me. It was quickly removed. I'm stupid just not that stupid!
In Secret Kitty Lair news, this situation was quickly corrected yesterday and the Queen has been restored to her rightful throne. A coup has been averted.